excerpt from this morning’s writings…

Thinking of doing my Lawndale run today after work.  And why not.  After a five-mile day, I’m ready.  A bit tired from yesterday’s jaunt, but not heavily by any means I just have to keep with my sprinting habit and if I don’t then I’ll run a couple miles around here, on and around Yulupa– no, go with Lawndale.  Those vineyards, the hills, the properties I fantasize about owning– those huge yards and trees that enclose them.  It’s memory whirlwind, and I don’t need to get out.  I always think of writing, running, the races ahead, and I realize I need to be more competitive with running and writing as they are one in the same with me.  A friendly rivalry with Ms. Alice would be exciting, enlivening, homeostatic, as she’s on a 6-miler as I type this.  Tonight would be 7-ish miles for me, if I did Lawndale.  And I will.  Want to be ready for this 12k next month.  That’s 7.46 miles.  I’ve done it so many times before my Lawndale run that I should have no trouble even after yesterday’s run/jog.  I say a little jogging as I had to talk myself into finishing, and I’m not sure why, wasn’t in the mood or didn’t think I could for some reason, but I did finish.  Felt I had to.

The older entries keep stacking, piling everywhere I look, be it notebook or Comp Book or this laptop.  And this blog, ending at this year’s close, only used for notes and short poems, no more long falls of prose, I need to keep my cards hidden to some degree, the mystery will help with reputation and mss sales.  Not that I’m that concerned with “reputation”.  What is that anyway, and why should it matter to a writer?  I have to ask.  I guess eventually it should, or might, but for me now all I want to do is writer.  More coffee.  Dropping Jackie off for his 2nd day of preschool.  Still can’t believe he’s in an actual school now.  And I had to confirm that with Alice yesterday, “Now, this IS a preschool, right?  Not a daycare.” She assured me, gently, and with some barely detectable laughter that it is a school, our son is in preschool already.

A new thought: no run today.  No.  I need to, on lunch, look through ‘Road’, see what lines I want highlighted on that first day of class and show students how many ways there are to interpret and they need to trust their initial impulses.