And with the day nearly over, and me sipping water like it’s the last thing for the writing to consumer on Earth, after my 4 mile run.. I’m about to complete the submission of final grades for the term.  Just saved the ‘100’ grades, but sent the ‘5’ marks through.  Wonder how many contests I’ll get.  Tomorrow, try to get in another run, over 8 miles.. then write ALL day before my bloody dentist appt.

Today’s dominant frame was consumed by a larger group.. and as tired as I was, when leaving and upon arriving home, I can’t believe I finished the four miles.  And tomorrow, I need to print, just as my friends committed to bottling today, finishing their bottling of two bbls.  So I need to print, copy, sell these bloody pages already–  Sipping sparkling berry water, thinking of what the summer semester promises, or projects.  Hard to tell.  And what did I do differently today?  Not much.  Nothing really.  Tomorrow I should write somewhere new, like a hotel lobby, or a new café, in the morning, after the run.  Like where?  I’ll have to research.  Or not.  What does the writing spot matter? Why should it matter?

Grades submitted.  And I have nothing to write about, just that I’m becoming sick of the pouring act, repeating scripts, “facts”.  How much longer will I have to do this?  My frustration turns into an inferno, but I keep composure for little Kerouac.  I’ll write to coffee, and I’ll commit to a 4-hour sitting.  Hopefully.  But my run needs to be demanding, like something that I have to ready Self for.  And I am, by abstaining from wine, and artisan brews.  I may just head out and see what I do, no goals.  In fact, yes, that will be my goal, to have no goal on the run.  Just head out, enjoy my motion, form.  And I have to focus more on form as that’s what’ll keep me running the rest of my life.  And I also have to remind Self, and remember: running IS writing, so engage in the act often, more than often.. with vehement frequency.  And having this clear mind tonight most certainly helps.