Novel ends one week from today.  And I’ll still be There, on the clock.  But the semester ends with a book.  And the poetry collection which I will send to print this week, at some point.  If not today–well, definitely not today–then Wednesday.  9:58AM.. had a great session this morning with ‘5’, and now I head for ‘100’.  Not sure if I’m running with the group today.  I’ll run anyway, but I’d like to know what the rest of my day’s story looks like…  More or less.  I’ll call the store, see if they know.  If not, I’ll run a strong five miles.  Then another 5 on Wednesday– oh, and a couple tomorrow morning, before the day darts forward.  When I woke this morning, I felt slow, not connected to what was ahead, but after workshopping with the 5-ers, and an unexpected reading from a usually quiet student, JW, I was charged, awake and ready for the next page set.

Should go get a quick coffee, after calling the store.  I’ll be sure to check in later, reader, let you know what I put on page, or what they day put into this MS for me.