Sitting, 8:14AM. Alice out for a walk with another of the young mothers, her little daughter, Lily [love that name]. Yesterday, as I predicted, madness in the tasting room. Luckily, most of my day was consumed by a VIP vineyard tour– four people from Baton Rouge, LA. Nice group, great humor, and we all seemed to have a proclivity for the same movies from the 80’s. And when they left, I lunched, upstairs in that putrid break room, reading some poorly-composed wine publication. Didn’t have a chance to be the journalist I set to be, but I will again bring those pages, and be more evasive with people, not pour as much, move around more, hide.. and WRITE!

This second cup, telling me that I need to keep with coffee all day.. write in smaller sentences, single words even.. just record whatever and whenever you can. Tomorrow’s lectures, both will be written out– going to surprise the students with my fire. And as I tell them to keep writing, I will do the same this morning.. keeping with my logging of items, objects.. the tangible.. made into the elemental, metaphysical. Ms. Plath’s collection, ‘Johnny Panic’, to right. She writes of neighbors, people, everything she optically ingests.

CHARACTER: My friend Melissa’s husband, Troy; painter, tattoo Artist; selling painting for $400.. I so very much praise and admire him; needing not a publisher or even gallery, but only his own abilities, pushes internal, and what sales savvy he holds.. which is obviously enough to vend his pieces. Vow to mimic Troy’s practice.. starting today. Not saying I’m going to sell a piece by day’s end.. but… By week’s close, I’ll sell one copy of the poem collection.. which I plan to re-title.

Two classes, a novel.. the novel being my class, for my Self.. I’m both instructor and student– independent study. And the ultimate goal.. be in MY office, away from pattern, unneeded voices, ‘weights’. One character, the looney wedding planner from years ago, for whom I did some blogging work, owning her own practice. How? She’s bloody mad! She told me, though, one time, over a glass of wine at Monti’s, “You need to let go of what you don’t want and focus on what you really want to focus on.” Wine, no longer a ‘focus’, as she specified, but ingredient, sometimes.. if all these people around me can land these new promising opportunities, then… Well, you know where I’m going with this thinking…..

No coffee yesterday– well, none from the SBUX on my block. Did that impede my character? Slightly. Had to settle for that vile coffee type on the 3rd floor. This morning, I WILL depart enough early so that if there is another line like 4/12 then I’ll have enough ticks and tocks on the devilish clock to get what I want.. what I need for my journalism assignment for day.

When this is past, it’ll all be a book. Sold.