If the world collapses, I’ll be sure 2have no lapses..

Recite my fastest, make sure I skip past it.

Ignore the monastic, dynastic–

Promote only the fantastic, chastise the plastic.

Coins– more on floor than in pocket.. hope I’m

not the subject of audit.. readers, would you please applaud

it?  Know I’m 1 of a billion causes.

The writer pauses, only to re-ignite.. me, in spite–

Quite punctuated, nothing light.  Keep lips tight cuz I would

rather write.  Volcano, low, Palo Alto to Plano–

Won’t let geography boggle me..  Connect red

Dots plausibly.  Caught then freed.. need something else

2read–  Three deeds deceased.. no longer assigned

ridiculous treatise, conspicuous weeks keyed.

Tired of the session, too old to need Life lessons–

Admired, but temper reddened, afraid of what I might