Deciding to intensify recording practice.
Everything logged. Even how I’m
Standing here in a towel, right from

Want to write, but no time to edit. How does that work? That’s how my form has to be, has to be accepted, I guess.

Character hunt: target everyone, including certain knowns. Fear, not entertained, acknowledged. There’s no one more admirable, and to be feared more, than a fearless writer. Everyone’s material, potential character.

Could I write as well without coffee? Of course not. Silly/stupid question.

So why did I ask?

My son, fiddling everything. I need to mimic with page, topical and thematic approach.

‘Nother sip. What kind of “roast” is this? Why should I care? That just how ridiculous people become over wine… Do you like what your tasting? Or not.

Not in mood to work today. Sure I’m