Bull Dent

Indebted it, and edited.. Sentences’
Pensiveness.. On a dish with live fish–
I’m in the wine well being well-wished,
I tell Trish not to me kiss.. The deed missed..
Terrorized by visions to inner eyez.. New prize,
For true liez.. Take two sides, these devils,
Against a writer’s peddles.. Mettle in affairs
Of trifling heirs.. Dared to pair my fangs
With moral pangs. Debating hazing my
Inhibitions to glisten.. Pen prison, poetry only–
Imprisoned vision.. Brain wearing stripes
Like antelope, expanded scope.. So
We rush, the concept of a day off is just
To tease us. Ideas, precious metals that
Never reach rust. Partially full deck,
No sixes or queens.. Only in Carmelized apparition
Dreams. Too dull or keen, no senseless tenses–