Asked for Scrolls

Possibly into oddity, repeat thesis.. All
Its pieces. Select new sands for my remanded strand.
Collision unplanned. Songs swirling in
My chemical makeup. Sentinel shakeup, no sense to
Low ends. Redundancy. Dead horse. The
Devil said more. Had to. Pass through.
Storm comes while I sip & scribble, but a writer
Stay seated. The novel out in May. Read it.
Have conflict ions, abandon theological restrictions.
Literary addictions complicated by Artistic
Afflictions. Satisfy Self-set missions. No
Radio, TV. Let me see where my dreams
Be. On the shelf with Emerson, Ellison,
Many else. Rattle off rhymes from the Earthquake belt. Stare at a basilica, wait for bells. So many it tolls, tells.
My hours, hopefully roll well. My light,
an old shell.