Tasting the Room, Day 1

= Waiting on grp.. 8ppl– 2 whites, 4 reds
= Room filling, valley event
= everyone wanting extra pours.. Nerve
= fruit flies, pushing my patience.. They’re winning
= 09 reserve Cabernet from 1.5.. Gorgeous. Think I use that word too much.
= Did I just hear it’s 72 degrees outside? It’s November, isn’t it?
= too busy in here to write. Have to pour, now, for six. They look drunk..
Just heard one of them talk. 3. All six. Yes, they’re toasted.
= Can’t wait for an afterwork beer. Sorry for the sloppiness of these notes. This event in the valley, our valley, Sonoma Valley, overtaking the Room.
= Another group, 3 tasters, asking for wines not on schedule. Three more, actually. What is wrong with people? Shouldn’t say that, as they are pretty nice. I’ll pour them 2. Okay, the three they want to try.
= This guy from Florid’s a pig. He too wants more pours. No.