Track 1

1:48pm.  Before going to the chapbook project, going to speed-freewrite a bit. Just got back from bank.  Hate dealing with them.  Not letting it ruin my day.  They have their bottom line, I have mine.  Just like with these wineries.  And there we part.  Did a little writing in the Comp Book early this morning, after Mr. J’s feed.  He’s beginning to notice more, I think.  Colors, shapes, his parents.  He loves colors, that’s certain.  Sipping my 2nd cup of homemade coffee/mocha.  Those caffeine kingpins, out of my life hopefully.  Can’t remember how many days I’m up to.  Want to say 3.  So that’s $15 towards the pages.  Think I’m only going to run 15 copies on the first run.  Super small.  A test, testing Self, to see if I follow through with this aim, ambition.

Beautiful outside.  A bit blustery.  Wonder how the vines are feeling about their water deprivations.  Tomorrow, behind the bar at Kaz.  I do plan on doing some tasting of his new releases as I want to explore his winemaking approach a bit more, of the obscure varietals, blends.  Another sip…  Tastes a little funny.  Think because it’s getting cold.  Hopefully, as well today, I’ll get a chance to do some reading.  Been looking through Ms. Plath’s entries in the initiating day hours.  Always find a couple treasures her logs.  And my P&W issue.  Actually have another one on the printer’s roof, on addressing “inspiration” on its cover.  May skim through that as well.  Need to increase speed with this diarist style.  Write absolutely everything; Put every word into a project.  That’s diarism.  The only way I can create, at this Life stage.  Don’t have the posh position of dedicating 3+ years to some novel, or book.  I don’t have it.  This style is rushed, as time is rushing me, reminding me it won’t always be here.  Sessions like this, which is precisely how they will taste from now on, my greatest defense and offense against the devilish clock.  And if I had a glass of Pride Viognier right now, I’d sip again and again to this new peace.

2/25/2012, Saturday