freewrite 13FEB12

Dream Winingly

Went to the bookstore.  Realized on drive I forgot my wallet.  Good thing.  Need to save for release.  Didn’t even use the quarters and couple dimes I pulled from the cup holder/change bay by the gear shift (even though I don’t do much shifting with my XA being automatic) for a small reg coffee as I’d conspired..  Thought about doing some music & wine pairing blogging, on bottledaux.  Not exclusively by any means, just have a couple entries where I explore certain artists, playlists of mine, albums paired with select bottles.  From my perspective.  I am a journalist, in some respects.  But, firstly, I’m an artist.  An independent penman, exploring life how I want.  Living, then writing that existence, daily.  From the journals as I earlier emphasized.

Now, at home.  4:36p.  Writing in total quiet.  No music, no TV.  Thinking of days in front of me.  Meeting at a winery tomorrow.  I believe at 1:15p.  Is that right?  Checking…  Yes, 1:15.  Hoping something of it becomes.  And if not, onto the next.  Not going to hold my breath, ever anymore, hoping people, especially some of these characters in wine’s “industry,” accept me.  Leaving that at THAT.  I’m me.  Take or leave.  Speaking of which, what’s on the dinner menu tonight?  Think I’ll cook.  One of my quesadillas.  Grilled unions, some teriyaki steak…  vinoDish.  Just, no vino.  Not tonight, not yet.

When I do start drinking wine, consistently again, I’m going to through my Self into the worlds of whoso’s varietals.  Again, that’s SB, Syrah, and Cab.  And maybe Nebbiolo.  Want to know of all palate approaches, bodies and styles.  I’ll do this research independently.  Only consult with Katie or Kaz when I see needed.  As with this writing, I want my wines to rattle & stun, daunt whatever’s around them.