freewrite 13FEB 12 — 2nd sit

My standalone verses are starting to collect.  Think I have some material I can throw together for a quick release, but I’m not making any hasty executions.  Tomorrow’s meeting at winery, in thoughts.  Thinking of how I want to approach it.  Quite excited, really.  Love their wines, the grounds, especially the history, their caves.  Really should do a tasting while there, if I can.  See if I can develop pervading understandings of what’s being poured in their Room.  Also want to fit in a run.  Maybe before my visit.  I’ll see…

Looking through these documents, my Comp Books, other writings, I have enough for probably dozens of chapbooks.  That’s all I can afford to publish, at present.  You understand.  Right, reader?  Just want to scribble in my journal right now, sorry.  My attention span, weaning.  That’s alright, though.  I’ve had enough of this buttoned portable monster.  Time for a canvas switch.  Kelly would agree, assuredly.  She’s always outside technology, with her colors, brushes, tools.  Keep thinking of what Capote said, about typing not being writing at all.  Yes, time to shut down the monster.

One last thought.  Probably no shock: WINE.  Want to start building a collection, as I research my 3 varietals.  Going to put Nebbiolo on the back burner, for now.  Not sure if I’m all that sincerely smitten with the grape.  Not yet.  Tasted one quite stunning at Kaz, yes.  But I want to taste some more, see what I find in the way of tastable notes, structure, pair-ability.  Another thing about wine that hooks me at this late hour, is color.  Not that much of an issue with the Sauv Blanc on my list.  But the Syrah and Cab…  Need to see what others are doing.  So much out there to taste, should probably just dive into it tomorrow.