Their criteria vs. Mine

“They” could be anyone.  But what is my bottom line?  Only at this age 32/33 do I know, and understand it.  Especially after seeing last night’s film.  Freedom.  That Artistic Autonomy.  So beautiful.  Right now, the rain falls loud, ferocious.  It’s talking to me, directly.  Non-artists won’t understand.  Not my problem.  Not much traffic today in the tasting Room.  Didn’t bother me a bit, as I had the invitation to write, write, write…

Looking out that opening, provided by the tasting Room’s sliding door, I thought about this log, the “blog” it provides.  Don’t worry, I’ll finish what I started in bottledaux.  But, I want to write books.  So, I made a point of not forgetting to print 3 more pages towards the inaugural novel.  In reading a couple of its paragraphs just a moment ago, I saw that it seems to be too stationary, which could be jewel or jaundice, depending on how the story evolves.  Need to develop Kelly a bit more, obviously.

Another detail from last night’s film that shook me was the lack of technology’s presence with the writer character.  He carried around a manuscript, at one point seen on a bed at his holiday’s lodging, marking his pages with pen.  That’s another change I want to see with my Self, why I’m auditing this blog’s foothold: more pen to paper, if I’m a real writer.  We all know what Capote said about typing, how it’s not writing at all.  Me, of the exact same thought strain.  So, with pages I print, I’ll write over them.  It’s as though I’m re-writing while keeping in tact what I’ve already written.  How that’s possible, I’m not sure.  And I don’t have time to overthink this, reader.  It’s due quite soon.  You know what, I’ll give mySelf 1 extension.  April 1st, 2012.  When the novel gets sent to…wherever.  Everywhere.  Publishers, editors, agents, politicians, chickens, zebra, Eskimos, Chicagoans.  Tomorrow’s Lit Lunch, all pen2paper.  That’s what the rain wants.  Leaving the computer here at home, but I’m not sure that’s what I want.  What I want doesn’t matter though.  My criteria, utterly irrelevant.  What the book needs, what the Craft demands is what tidals into lead priority.

January 22 2012, Sunday (Does that date look funny to you?)