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Enkindled after watching a film that included great artists from worlds illustrative, Literary, other.  My novel, to be read in bed.  I’ll be taking notes to push it to fruition as fast as I’m able.  But I want this book DONE.  Tonight’s feature told me that.  Also, Paris.  To write in my most beloved city.  My next visit, a book before I leave.

Another night with no wine.  For my nightcap, the cup of water at right.  Especially tired after falling asleep late last night, rising early this AM.  Five shots of espresso split between the two mochas.  Maybe I’m going through caffein withdrawal.  Just keep saying to Self, “Books, books, books, MY books.” You know what, I’m printing three more pages tonight, the first 3 of chapter 2.  Tomorrow, in the Kaz Room.  Probably won’t see much traffic with the NFC Championship, the 49ers in it.  But who knows.  Eager to revisit wine, and I plan on doing so a smidgen tomorrow, with that ’09 Lenoir.  Quite sure the rain will be back tomorrow, hopefully to help me finish this novel.  Printing chapter 2’s intro-ing tones…

Thinking about how free it would be, to subsist from my artistry.  Travel, write, taste, meet characters, journal for a couple hours, take a nap, return to routine.  Tonight’s film, “Midnight in Paris”, with Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams, has me thinking about the embrace, the enveloping embrace of one’s art, of life.  What one really wants in their circumstance set, from it, and how to write about it effectively.  Hemingway, Picasso, Dali, Eliot…  Too tired to communicate what I’m juggling.  Sorry.  Just know, readers, that I’m writing, writing my way back to Paris, onto bookshelves, to my travels.  I will bring you with me.  All three of you.  Was going to talk about all the spoken word verses I wrote today, but I just did.  Time for bed.  And another water.  Go 9ers!

[1/21/12 – Sa] … Going to change the way I’m writing date stamps.  Looks spacey, or digital.  Contrived, and trite.  Quite annoying, now that I look at it.  Another try…

January 21, 2012, Saturday … I think the day should be first.  Is that proper?  “Proper”.  Should that period be inside the quote?  Getting a tad incautious.  Time to clock out.  And yes, this formation for the date is fine.  For now.  Oh, how I could use a sip of Katie’s 2010 Sonoma County Chard…

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