Bagel and Coffee

Break after meeting.

Telling self I won’t go out to lunch. I won’t. But Oliver’s, one of those burritos, sounds too joyous. Just too good. Hoping this bagel helps with that tempt. One other person in breakroom with me. Quiet. Smooth day thus far. Will have time to grade when I get to campus, unlike yesterday. Another bite, another… Last night’s lecture with the ‘100’ class, replayed. I need to tour with my ideas, the writing, the workshops and seminars, sharing what I’ve learned from the habit and practice, maintenance of Craft. Another bite, first sip…


Kids dressed and breakfast’d, relax and calm. Another rhythmic morning. Badge in car so not to have even option or possibility to forget. Waiting for mother-in-law, ‘ML’, to show. Get moving, I tell myself. But in a lovely pause, holding pattern for now, for now’s talk. Learning from them, their faces, how they eat what I put out for them. Bagel. Just… watching. Fascinated. Them. Them…. my babies.