Back from run.  Over 5 1/2 miles, 9:07 pace.  In meeting now.  Some action items to get done.


Tired and in a bit of mood mud, not sure why.  Or I do but don’t want to get into it.  Sipping one of those ‘hint’ waters, raspberry.  Maybe I should have some coffee.  Yes.  That should do something to this lull, hopefully kill it where it sits.

Coffe on desk.  No sips yet.  Couple things first to do. Shake it off I tell myself, get into character, take emotion out of it.  Got it…

After 15:00 already.  Need to get gas before leaving SoCo.  What is the cause of this odd ebb in my head?  Where is it going?  Why am I giving it any life with this acknowledgement?  Laugh it off….  Laugh off the ways and attitude of some people.  Their piggishness.  Oh my god I can’t right now.

Pretending I’m in Paris, in that café with Hem… watching people walk by, writing them.  Then not pretending but going to past years where I was full-time at a winery and walking vineyards on my lunch break instead of breaking my fucking back trying to stack a mile count.