Up well before 07:00, laundry continued.  Think I have a new system.  At 44, good job Mike.

Espresso, my morning lover.  Calming me and providing idea for new projects in this new tech story.  Account Management and hospitality principles, then the tech itself.  Each layer like its own startup or Road… Me writing tech when just six years ago I was in one of the FFW tasting rooms.  Funny how it all works.

Receipts ready to log—  Just heard laundry chime, or digital bell.  Time to switch. 

Looking for any and all pictures to use.  Recent, but many from years ago in the vineyard that I never used for whatever reason.  A few, actually more than a few, of the kids.

BDX becoming a media body, startup.. something.  Not worried about post-production or quality really.  Just the capture of the moment…. Postmodern quip.