Epic battle with a cricket, a co-worker said before the meeting started.  Couldn’t help but laugh, and I needed the laugh.  Stressful morning a bit with Henry being turned away by his preschool, the 48-hour policy when a kid’s sick, which I thought only applied if a fever was recorded.  Whatever… problem solved and I’m at the desk committed to posting all 1001+ words.

Had a banana.  Starbucks fucked up my latte, as they often do then I wonder why the fuck do I still go back and spend fucking $6.95 per visit.  Like I told the Nurse, I’m done with them.  Peet’s only, going forward, that is if I ever get coffee.  Thinking of buying a new machine for the loft and for the Nurse’s house (if she okays it), and quitting coffee-ing out altogether except for our occasional coffee dates at the Vacaville Peet’s.

09:51…. Bbq later I’m told.  Huh…. Should be a fine opportunity to meet people, intrapreneur mode.  More than that though, just meet more people on the team.  Start conversations, have no specific aim in terms of destination… HAPPINESS definition, spread and develop and multiply that.

Happiness.. no more being brought to skirmish.