Wish I would have gone for a run.  13:14, sleepy after lunch goddamnit, will need more coffee.

Chewing gum and messaging the Nurse then I get an idea.  A month ago, this writer was entirely different.  Monitoring all messages from me to the Nurse and then others who I’d rather have nothing to do.

Can only think of the kids.  What they’ll say when I pick them up, what stories they’ll have and be so eager to tell.

Another cup.  So what.  Now I’m ready, needed it.  Looking through old pictures… keep forgetting, photog first, writing second.  Now, at least.  New approach.  Playing with AI on this new work laptop giving me ideas.

Everything has to be new, the old is old and dying, that’s why you call it old and have to start anew, a new life, story, manuscript and mind – way of thinking, BEAT.

I’m not stopping no matter how many pushes I get.  No stall or document will slow me, that’s just known.  Organizing and consolidating, simplifying.  I feel like nothing can touch me, truly, from the nay-saying ways and their pulling rays.


Created a new client list.  Working with Constant Contact for the first time in bloody years.