10:49, Nurse just left.  Me giving self an hour to write, to self, but missing her.  Already. 

Will see her tonight but feel off, odd, oblong emotionally, in congruent.  New ideas though distracting me… no work today.  Appointment at 13:30 I’m about as interested in as doing the root canal again including the sleepless night and popping ibuprofen like they were gummy bears.

Caffeine from the Noto latte the Nurse got me fading.  We brought a pair of fishing or mountain boots back to the Green to sell to this Argentine man working a harvest in HBG, at a crush facility.  Santiago’s his name.  Nice man, telling us he was getting them for his son as he’s going to teach the son to fish.  Patagonia, his part of the country.  Then of course I think of travel and new Roads, people and cafés, having a latte with the Nurse in new rooms, new little wrought iron tables watching people walk their dogs past us as we kiss, again, again…

This reminds me of the literary lunches on Cal & Battery.  Timing myself.  Distracted by something, shit, now only 50 minutes left.  Writing everything that comes to sight