13:23 = Cleaning laptop, calming down from earlier mood, looking at vineyard pictures

and drawing new Roads back to the blocks.

Simplifying, consolidating… returning to the start point .. which is…..  You know, if you know me.

New wine books, and blog.  This one, the pronunciation of living in an ‘About EVERYTHING’ way.  About EVERYTHING and the vineyards and life, love, everything associated.

No music, quiet in office.  Giving self time to think and collect, then back to “work” I guess.

List of weekend to-do’s, aims, then I throw it away.  Rip it in half first.  I’ll just do wha tI feel like doing… best plan being NO plan.

Jack’s baseball game at 13:00.  That’ll take me to 15:00, at least…

Stopping typing for a bit.  Writing on page, with ink for a while.  Nurse messages me, I’ll respond later.  Her vacation has antagonized me… TRAVEL.  Maybe this weekend I’ll drive to Napa, pretend I’m a tourist.  Maybe visit Orin Swift…