13:10 –> Done with presentation.  I did well, as said by both managers and sales coordinators. 

All commented on and complimented by passion and enthusiasm, confidence.  Think of yesterday when I had none of any of those traits.  That’s what I need to protect… my attitude, how I react. Learning more about this New Mike Madigan.. that’s it.  That passion I used to put out there more.. the unusual and magnetic energy.  Not complimenting myself, I swear.  I am reacting to others’ reactions.  What they cite, what they compliment.

Time for Starbucks.  May treat Self to a small latte to celebrate.

Here I am.  47 minutes to write.  Make up for yesterday.  My attitude and energy and what I put into the equation of where I am… thought and noticed it before, but not like today.  Repair…

Breakfast sandwich and small double latte.  Haven’t bitten or sipped, rather immediately skipped to the keys.  Wine, a vineyard, Orin Swift.  Don’t think I want to quit now.  Occurred to me this morning driving down, around Marin.  No need to make any kid of a decision now, or even anytime soon.