In and out, people here.  A theme and suggestion from SF.  What do I do with it.  Attitude, negative out forever and yay-saying steps forever in.  The permanent place and pulse.  I’m changing as a character, I’ve noted before.  But now I see specifically how.  Mood control, gratitude, loving where you are and what you’re doing.  Bringing that to DC next week.

Can’t believe that’s literally days away.  Should get the suitcase out like I said I would either last night or the night before.  Put a couple things in it.  Have the whole day to myself then dinner with the sales team at night.  Pack the running articles first, pull them out tomorrow for then put them back.  Same for Friday.

Building I photo’d this morning, tall and saying something different than the others I’ve shot.  The city, what is it saying to me today.  Telling me to attack with happiness.  And not attack, but emphatically approach.  Yes, no attack.  Only a hunger to share and tell stories like someone in the meeting suggested I do.  Fictionalize, but don’t… last night sipping some of that blend I opened the night before and noting notes like I did when I started in wine’s industry.