20:41 kids back home.  Ready for tomorrow, for most part.  I think..

Small little cash gathering I forgot about.  Yellowstone… need camera upgrade before flight, adding to budget.  Which basically means I need to stop shopping at Oliver’s and dining out for at least a month.  Easy being single… so I’ll just do Mikey snack sets and spreads when alone home.

What am I going to Yellowstone Park for?  No idea… see wildlife, run hike, see something new.  TRAVEL.  Going to go, new experiences as a still somewhat young writer.  Be On The Road…. After YP, New York.  Then I think no, too expensive.

Need to stop planning and obsessing.  That’s what contributes to the indecisiveness.  I know it does.  Be in the moment.  I’m always boasting Postmodernism, right?

So then, adding to 60-day discipline project – plan nothing, outline nothing.  How will tomorrow go, who knows.  Making the sandwiches tonight?  NO… waking early, or trying, fly-by-the-seat mentality.  Liberation, elevation, new inward oration…

Shouldn’t be too cavalier, start packing for morning.  Or not…. The drive.  Using some of the Yellowstone $ for my morning latte.  Fuck, I really shouldn’t.  Promise this’ll be the last time.