Laundry, breakfast requests, me nursing this excessive espresso serving.  Started the first article but need to break away, pause, think about the direction of it and other things.

Should take a break even from this… simple entry and notes.  Study the kids more and their charming and enviable simplicity.

Had a full breakfast this morning for the first time in years.  Bagel with cream cheese, dry cereal.  No lunch and light dinner the plan.

Henry playing with his cars.  I need to play more, target fun where and whenever I can.  Henry now makes up conversations, and is convinced of them with fluctuating intensity and sincerity.

I go out to the deck, just poking my head over the railing boundary.  Cool, somewhat humid, lightest of rain.  Meditation, staring at the parking lot on the fence’s other side.  Further understanding of Self and what it’s doing, how this new Mike Madigan operates, builds ideas… where this is all going.  Constant production and logging all my activity in the production itself.  The activity is the logged activity.

I go out again, watch more intense drops hit blacktop.  The tall trees and that florescent green moss on their sides.