9:14 been up for about an hour, all of us.  Henry waffles beeping at me…

Jack requests breakfast and chocolate milk made by me.  Raining, and has been for hours.

Emma requested time to relax in her room, can’t blame her.

I have to approach this week differently, from one small slice to the more grandiose considerations.

So much gratitude for these kids and this loft, the condo…. Even the opportunity to catch up on laundry.

No distractions, I tell myself.  Explore the gratitude further… what’s the alternative.  Don’t want to think about it but I do just don’t write it.  They’re so happy and healthy, my kids.  “Thank you Dada…” Henry says for no reason, taking another bite of the waffle.

Do I want breakfast?  What do I have?  Oh… those French Toast sticks I bought the kids but were only valued in duds-ville.

Starting to write the column, ‘ad.mit.’, finally.  What I felt this morning, stressing the simplest approach to anything.  Laundry and being a dad, don’t overthink ANYTHING.  Just be as present and connected as you’re able.

Quad espresso & cinnamon from the coffee corner.  Again, thankful.  All mine.