.691 Avg.

Not as low as I thought it was.  Trying to stay above .700.  So no thought goes untyped or without adequate reflection… yesterday coffee in kitchen with Kerri, again the idea of responding versus not responding or reacting to something, or someone, someone’s words.  Fascinating…. Aligned with Stoic thought and Aurelius’ ways and understanding of himself and outside events.

9:19, should probably check in to sales story.  Book that Sunnyvale site visit for next week.  The VP yesterday telling me a success story with one of the rookies, who’s been there just a bit over a year.  I’ve been overthinking this, obviously.

Coffee… music… CHILL.  Working from home, but not working more so writing event the sales story making it integral in this About EVERYTHING blog.  The collection and ascension from where you are… gift.

Quick note to Ms. Kerri, then a call with SE Stan and one of the Engineering guys.  One more coffee…. Sounds too good.  Errands starting at 11:30 I think.  Not worried about time.  Rather, using it… every pebble.