8:25 = Kids back and we relax before the week lands.

More music in thought and mind and in all cells of thinking.  Was listening to Eric Hilton for the first time in a bit before leaving to get kids and on the way to their mom’s house in Coffey Park.

Finally, the Composition is becoming a final draft.  I know EVERYTHING in my story.  Not trying to sound like a know-it-all, but I do. MY story.. I’m familiar and connected, everything ni it is MINE, and for me to share with anyone who wants to share… I want to help.  Nothing can pin or trap you, EVER.

One sentence at a time.  One observation and drive and day of work at a time.

Into the city tomorrow…. Changing my mind about a couple arenas and people.  What you have to do, I guess.  I’m just learning this.  People you’re attached to and have bright and expansive – hate that word – feelings for, you just have to let go.

So, detached.  Moving on.  And it’s not just people, it’s situations and some facets of what you do for a living…. As simple as saying DONE with some shit.

Just going to enjoy the music.  Fuck people.