Receipts done.  Nearly disbelief.  Don’t want to spend anything now, ‘cause I don’t want another fucking cyclone of a pile to confront me.

I should have gone to law school.  Maybe it’s not too late, I don’t know.  How would I pay for it?  Just a day/pipe dream.  Still I wonder….  Then, I’ve met lawyers that are burnt out, miserable, have pyramids of cash around them in their Tiburon home and hate going to the office, what they do, where they wheel their energies.

Staying put, don’t worry.  Jazz…. Prose, notes to self. More brief the better.  Entering the receipts into Quicken or whatever it’s called and the memo I attach to each spend has me valuing the notion of less, more and more.

You don’t need these Salesforce Tower-height blurbs and rants and spills.

Thoughts… encased, echoing, genuine.

Grateful, my day.  Always.