Raining now, like actually raining.  No more drizzle.  Gave kids and myself till 10:30.  Then, getting ready for day, laundry (will start with theirs), cleaning my room, setting aside what little discretionary I have for an additional grocery run.

Story stuck in my senses, distracting me from….  Haven’t touched new espresso shot yet.

The vineyard, where I’ll wrote and one day pull from for my own wine.  The feeling walking my own rows – that image of the vineyard, that dream house I guess you’d call it that Kerri and I talked about.

The path already placed, know how I’m to arrive.

Espresso done.  So caffeinated I’m probably not going to make sense if I keep typing, so probably before too long taking a break.

But not before getting distracted.  Simple visions and images, with the most meaning and communication.  The vineyard – I’m headed toward a vineyard,  I wrote the other day.  Everything for that, for the kids.

Moving on… closer to 10:30, gave them extension till 11.  Henry laughing at a cartoon on the couch, content in a way that anyone would envy.

Coffee now?  No… chill Mikey with the caffeine.  Use your innate fire.