Took diapers to Henry’s little campus.  Now at desk, chipping away at receipts.  Fighting off anxiety and stress by the kind remedy of not letting myself care.  A little, or lot, no.  Just NONE.  The ease and pervasive relief in my molecules is lovely and beautifully bewildering.  Intrigued.

Gorgeous outside.  Focused on the sky and its intensity in gentle shade driving north on 101 just now from Santa Rosa.  Snow on peaks still, Mt. St. Helena and other.

Touched 1000 words yesterday.  Felt amazing.  Still does.  I’m finishing this goddamn book, one way or another or millions of ways.  It’s getting done.

Each receipt entered in the MAP, a story.  Model Bakery, Oliver’s right here in Windsor, Sweet T’s the other night by myself just needing time with self and focusing on this relationship with a newly new again and renewed Mike Madigan.

Second cup…. In the cup Emma picked for me at Cravin’s.  Can’t wait to see them later, the big kids, their little smiley sibling tomorrow.

Realizing my schedule’s a little less constricted that I thought earlier.  Thank EVERYTHING.  Exhaling a bit, sipping coffee, with more composition.  Not thinking as much…