Not getting too into it, but too long since I’ve typed. Nothing Monday nor yesterday.  Agina not getting too into the past few days.  Lot to address and I have much in journal, but I’m here after taking SE Stan to Concord BART after lunch, after two site walks.  He and his minimalist and simplicity appreciation and approach to everything has me reconsidering certain moves and behaviors, possibilities and opportunities, and possible moves.

Now, globally single.  The only modifier I’d use to elucidate or categorize my “single” status.  Talking with someone about relationships the other day, and how this life and not needing another, is in no way BAD or unhealthy.  

Take your time, she said.  Be with yourself, your writing… throw yourself at the page, which I thought was an interesting way to urge me to do what she was suggesting, especially since she isn’t a writer.  Or, not that I know of.

After the long drive, wanting a beer then realizing I don’t have any in house.  But, walking around office and about to move the winery laptop in its box I put one of the beers I bought Chris and Sam and I on Sunday…