Talking to myself like I’m a student. Not a writing or

Composition course, or even philosophy.  No discipline, just the totality of everything around me – what I am and how I arrived here, and what I do with the current hue.

Driving into the city tomorrow for a meeting.  Not sure what about, but looking forward to a Friday cruise across the GGB.  I talked myself and more importantly wrote this morning’s Mike Madigan out and far distant from his scowling disposition.

Maybe that’s what this class is, and what my professor wants from me, wants to teach – guide, instruct.  For SELF…

Took a call, lasted longer than I wanted it to.  Concerning this new sales story.  Giving it more attention, more zeal… deciding I’m not just going to “make it work”, but have it be THE platform for EVERYTHING.

Created two opportunities for SE Stan to build.  10:15, feeling hungry all of a sudden in this new sales story, Prop Tech and all it entails.  Really hit me yesterday at the first site in Vacaville.  Meeting at 11 to create document and send proposal, hopefully.  Pretty sure this will be my first ink at the new company.