Got a good night’s sleep last night, Henry not kicking or head-butting or slapping me excessively.

Day lightly planned.  Yes I have the list I drew yesterday, but not keeping self to it, trapping this writer in its height and depth.

Emma requesting a third waffle and some more orange juice, hold on…

Haircut first, then home and clean out car—  Maybe do that first then get haircut so I’ll be ready for car wash.  Then….  Ugh, didn’t charge camera.  I’ll do that tonight and…. 

Contradicting myself.  I know.  Second espresso, watching the kids.  Jack playing his game for a bit, Emma and Henry with breakfast and kid shows.

Cleaned out car.  Soon as I’m back at these keys Henry goes to the Jack Patrick Bar to play with his cars and Paw Patrol toys and cars.

App calls for clouds, no rain.  Says it’s raining now, “slightly”.  I don’t see or hear any drops. How do they have jobs these weather people when they’re wrong.  Like, always.

Henry makes me laugh, and I think he said “What, Dada?” Probably not, but that’s what it sounded like.