2/9/23 List for Day –

Money Arc Project

New Sales Story, 10 new leads


Connect with ‘1 Calendar’

Go to store, for kids

Photography!!!  (3 pics, find and edit)


Sure I’ll add more.  8:53 now, checked email and messages on another platform planet…. Will need more coffee, definitely.  No espresso in house, just remembered.  Thought about going to store with kids after I pick them up, but…. Easier if I go alone.

Turkey that Henry likes, the only kind he’ll eat and I don’t blame him.  I don’t really like that processed shit anymore.  Fruit, snacks, more fruit… bananas.  Don’t need that much, I’m finding.  When I first moved into the loft and before kids would come over I’d overbuy, think they had to have vast selection.  Realizing I didn’t give my babies enough credit, see they’re impressively flexible, adaptable.  Wishing I were more like them, again.

My attitude yesterday contribute to the days agreeable and accommodating, kind feel.  Placing self in same plane today.

My interest and near-addiction to the small business idea again bites.  This time not letting go at all…. Starting with photog.  Only reasonable and self-permitted positioning.