Saint Helena.  Thinking about it.  My walks outside, up the blog to that wine bar then the other direction just to be outside, in light rain.  More meditation, collection… what I need.  Happiness, health.  Tonight is a planet and manuscript of meditation.

Pinot in glass, that Chris brought last night.  Never had it before, and tonight….  Accenting more quality and energy tonight.  Telling me to write more.. stop second-guessing yourself like Mom says.  Think about the words from Uncle Stevie.

Football over for the night, and I think this is my last post.  After, freewriting… and just relaxing with wine and I think rain, if that’s what I hear.


Looked out the balcony door.  Rain.  Again.  Lighter tonight, and the sound is needed.

Working with Chris today and we talked about everything… from music to wine, to travel, relationships.  My life is changing, the story ….