10:35 late start for sure, so need to move quick.  Set timer for 1 hr 10 min for cleaning, the ten minutes is just to settle in, do some writing, notes, maybe enter some receipts.  The last of my whole three days to self is here, again showing me time has no mercy and yes I could ignore it but it’s still going to pass and make me realize it cruelty at some point.

Shot of espresso, now coffee.


A bit all over the place from one project to another, receipts and filing whatever I need to file but for most, I’m contained.  Productive and producing with exceptional edge.  About to make another cup, check on laundry as it seems to have been going for longer than usual.

Nothing planned for day except staying in, cleaning… loft is done, third floor is laundry-oriented, no fun.

11:37 all bills paid.  Still have to budget.  Some 1’s into SMB envelope.  Speaking of, need to go through those vineyard pics I shot on NYE.  Thinking today a trip to HBG, to Matheson to write, something.  Leftovers for dinner…