Happy Christmas Eve, Emma says to Jack and I, and Henry I guess, once settled in the loft.

Thinking about next week, why am I doing that to myself.  Focus on NOW… here with the kids, with your coffee and cinnamon.

Peace…. Till Emma voices her boredom.  I remind her of all she has here to play with.

Tired me, not in a writing lean by any means.  Bringing laptop to Mom and Dad’s, should actually start packing.  I’d like to get there shortly after kickoff.  Almost forgot the 9ers are playing today.  And that new quarterback, Purdy.  Reminds me of when I was in grammar school and they were the “Team of the 80’s”…. Seems like I movie I saw once, it was so long ago.  Someone else’s life, a history book chapter.

Henry pushing a toy truck from one end of the loft to the other toward Jack, playing his game.

The morning smoothes…..  now it’s my turn to take a …..