6:36 home and beyond any kind of normal human tired.  

Chips and sales here in the loft, then a “Daddy Quesadilla” as Jack and I call it.  Was saying to myself I don’t know how I made it trough the day then I do.

I wrote it that way.  I made it happen.  I write what I want to happen.

Wrote from when I arrived this morning and no one was there till the end when it was just Carina and I in the office talking.

Grateful for the city, for the day, for dinner last night with Mom and Dad, our Finnish waitress…

Yesterday with Chris, Kerri’s brother, in the TR flew by but I didn’t care cause I was alive in all moments and ignoring time.

One of my 2023 pillars.

Ordered the last of xmas gifts for the kids, mostly little Henry.  Can’t wait to see the look on his little face, all his smiles and sounds and new words.  Again, the gratitude is like a storm over all thoughts and mental color, shape.

This’ll probably be my only post for the night, hoping to get to bed before ten but already feel more awake since being hone.  Goddamn me…