Up from a 90 minute nap, almost 90 minutes, put on some laundry, make espresso, come down to office to collect.

From earlier, running errands and what not, two valuable pieces of perception. 1, for 2023 the anchors will be Fearlessness and Gratitude.  All other thematic consistencies like Happiness, Single Dad, Mental Health and the like follow in syncopation with these heading interpretive samples.

The more I think about it, that is what will bring to and force materialization and manifestation of EVERYTHING.

2, too many ideas to write.  Everything, EVERYTHING has that postmodern promise.  Could be a book.  From the senseless and absolutely wasteful and pointless back-and-forth with x to having lunch by myself at Lupe’s… doing laundry, the rental car I’m forced to now drive, the latte this morning, Healdsburg and where I parked before tasting at Davis Family, WINE…. There is more than enough. 

Mom once told me this after I wrote something on this blog saying I couldn’t think of anything to write or I was getting bored and tired in the usual contours of composition, repeated subjects.  

What’s repeated is being repeated for a reason, I know.