And like that, the first weekend in the new phases begins its close.  No plans for day other than to write here in the loft kitchen.  Staying out of office.  EVERYTHING different today.

First espresso kiss, and new sight of driving self to coast, having lunch possibly or at the very least an iced coffee, or just find a place to write.  Keep as visions to just imaginative juggling right now.

Kids calm.  Can’t believe that it just went by.  Just like that.  Time not concerned with my vulnerability or reaction.  So I write it away, the nerve and little water beads behind eyes threatening flight.

Henry encroaching on Emma’s station in Dad’s old chair, then I laugh. Can’t help it.  “Henry, SHOO!”, she says.  How can I not laugh.

8:34, 72 already.  One forecast I heard said 105 today, then another I heard while at my parents’ said 107.  Either way, inside.  Find something new in my own writing, my voice, the interpretive method in moments with these kids.  MY kids.

I’ll let them tell me they want breakfast, have everything in position.  Need this collection this morning… revisit books, reading projects I was pulled from.