Working at Noto for the first time.

Will stay till 3, then to Oliver’s to get stuff for kids. Yogurt, lunch meat, avocados, whatever else. OH… will have to make Jack lunch for school. Keep forgetting it’s started, today being day 1.

Connecting with as many people in the tech world and sphere and idea that I can. My new masterplan, that I literally thought of a couple minutes ago sipping this small medium roast, grows and talks back.

Cold in here, but keeping me awake alongside the roast. Nearly took another nap but resisted, asking myself to not let me… self-talk value and evidence that one side of self can encourage and embolden another.

One of the SE’s emails sales team, notifying that he’ll out all day tomorrow. Something is definitely happening at work. Not sure what… so I move, I reshape and rewrite.

No echo from yesterday, other than check-in call this morning. Hmmm…

Back to work, looking for conversations wherever I can find them.