Kids and I up early, first day at school from their Windsor home.  After leaving Henry with parents back here for work.  Calls, one request for a contract believe it or not, and a 3-shot latte and breakfast sand’ from Noto to celebrate Friday.  Yes, I look forward to Fridays now, immensely.  Don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.  Yes, I love every day, but Friday has a tone and music to it … I don’t know.  I don’t see a problem in loving Friday.

Call at noon with a telecom friend, some possible side project, we’ll see.  Told Kerri earlier that today is the day #blogeverythingnow goes live – blog and site and business operation.  Has to… Waiting to hear back on something, email from someone requesting something and I have to put it off.  Too much to explain, just making a point of consolidating and singularizing.

Napa tomorrow for a tasting… which reminds me I should confirm with my contact.  Hold on…. Texted her.  Possibly a blogging gig.  She invited me to taste through the wines, look around the property and look at their social accounts and website which I already did.

Continuing day’s positive beat, love language.