No… that voice is not allowed in the writer’s head or way of thinking.

Have to get Henry—


2:28 not sure what distracted me.  Been a crazy back and forth and tiring day on a number of levels which I’m refusing to cite or address in this post. At desk, not much in the AE story to tend to.  Have to send out a revised contract, but beyond that….

Sales is a humorous domain.  I mean, where do I start. Forget about prospecting, what about the conversation and not sounding like a salesperson, even telling the would-be end-user you’re not selling them anything when you know you are.  And the repetition of sales info and ideology.  How do you be someone in sales AND not be so sales-y.

Not sure there’s an answer.  I know I don’t have one.  And, I know that sales can be stressful, hence me surrendering in the Quota War of ’22 and transferring departments.  Will have to take more notes on sales… conversation, communication, connectivity.  Need to write that down, as someone mentioned to me a sales instructor or trainer position possibly opening.