Found something.  Writing in journal….

10;51, hungry.  Something like 13 hours into fast I believe. Hard to be sure, didn’t set timer last night.  Shit….

Quick break from desk, walk upstairs to #thepozloft, make self a little snack.  Meeting pushed to 3:30, or is it 3?  3, just checked.  Dinner with Jackie tonight, can’t wait.  He requested Applebee’s, even after I offered him more upscale options here on the Green and in Santa Rosa.  He was insistent, singular in his desire expression.

Not letting any negative thoughts near me or cultivate in my own cognition.  No more.  Seriously, I’m done.  With this, bobbing my head to this beat… this new attitude is musical and poetic, intended and unintended spoken word.

Music off, taking a few minutes to be in quiet.  Collect with no interference or noise—  Then my fucking text alert sounds.  Of course.

Ignoring the text, or putting off responding.  Still in quiet.  Take a shower I say to myself.  Finish Diet Coke first… circles, back and forth.  Then I stop, fortify self in gratitude, love.  Time fades, and my time won’t be spent on ‘them’.

Excess measuring not getting me anywhere.  Getting up.  Shower.