Back from meeting in Santa Rosa, coffee with a former AE.  Insight and perspective and new business approach ideas.  Still finishing 3-shot latte, a lot ahead of me on the day.  Receipts, budget…. Messages to send.  Start with receipts, and set budget for day.  Thinking a no-spend day as I have plenty here for lunch and dinner, wine and beer etc.

Uo too late last night writing and messaging friends.  Not today.  By 9pm, the day closed.  Quick in and out.  Shorter paragraphs.  The day is quick and I need to be even more sped.

11:31 receipts done.  Money moved to SMB envelope.  Send message and connection request…. Communicating some pricing possibly in a bit.  Pretty sure it’s going nowhere, but I’ll do it to do it.

Will be taking inventory at EOD, what I did and how hours were spent, used and utilized.  Couldn’t take a power nap now if I wanted to.  Too amped from the coffee…. Latte I mean, which is now done.

Relaxing to Tycho track, not wanting to make call, but will…. Guy walks by outside, reminds me I need to run today, any distance, doesn’t matter.  Goal is M-F week of running.

I stop.  Stare at the keys on this laptop, thank about the kids, the meeting I had this morning, what’s ahead in this condo, with writing, wine… my story and how I overthink it to a comical altitude.  Why… what am I thinking about.  What I want to write… what I want to do for work…. Where is this money coming from, that….  And what does that accomplish.  Silly question when the answer is beyond obvious.

Meeting at 2, with head of the department I might be transferring to. In fact more than likely will be.  Speaking what I did when I was hired, and the experiences as an AE.  Taking another second to gather, regardless of the counterproductive obviousness.