Here with latte.  Now what.  I guess send a couple emails…. See if I get any bites. 

Really should get out into the field…

A bit after 11 now, and finishing latte.  Meeting AE buddy David in Field at 3 I think, call at 1. So there’s stuff on the calendar, I say to myself.  Not like that… Still have a mood and attitude with all this.  Stepping away from desk again.  Finished latte, not sure I could take a power nap even if I wanted to.

Confirmed appointment and time for walking in territory.  Talk about something else… writing.  Keeping the journal alive, and my consistency of actually putting a pen to a page.  Not so much of this – TYPING.  Need to find time to read more, like my son Jack.  He gets excited vocally about reading new books and reading competitions.

The Sun Also Rises right next to me.  The metaphor of boxing, fighting, overcoming a fear of some kind.  What I need to do, be more a fighter writer. Decided…. Reading more later, I swear.  All night here in office, like much of last night though at one point I should have chained self to desk.