10:53 – Sent text, no response.  Taking lunch at noon but working during, writing and entering these goddamn receipts.  Feeling guilty about the latte, the $6 spent, cash.  Why.  Who knows.  Office a little less cluttered…. And by a little I mean, yeah, just a LITTLE.

Missing the kids, can’t wait to have Jackie and Emmie here tomorrow night.  Thinking of getting takeout for them.  Would be the first time.  OR, a fancy Oliver’s spread like I have since having my own time with them when the separation started.  Salmon, maybe some bread… rice.  Last time they loved it, Jack especially.  He said it was fancy.  Huh…. Yeah, really fancy.  I felt great and loved and accomplished though, and always remember his face as he enjoyed his plate, and the conversation crediting me.  Though, in no way deserving of his praise.

11:27, Mom reminding me about the jury duty notice.  SHIT, I texted back.  Found the notice.  There, postponed.  November 7th.  Thank god… no mood for that, AT ALL.

12pm, lunch but not hungry.  Power nap perhaps.  Contract comes in signed…. FINALLY.  Then I check what it did for my monthly quota progress, barely a goddamn thing.