Sent out contract, then email, set zoom appointment, then messaged a senior AE.  Busy morning.  Jumping from one theatre to the next…. Sipping latte from Noto, thought I deserved today since I didn’t spend a cent yesterday.

No music, just a quiet and air conditioned office.  Last day in leads group, thank goodness.  Wasn’t doing A THING for me.  So, bye…. Still keeping in touch with a couple people, notably my construction buddy Nick.  He said he needs help with his business, should send him a text.  See if I can contract with him, help in any way.

Back and forth between laptops…. Email my lawyer, sip the latte.  Loving the morning.  My mood of course aloft because I had a contract to send out.

85 degrees while driving home.  No idea what it is now… don’t care.  Too comfortable inside.  Air conditioning, a goddess.  Watching a course for work… seems to never end.  No return on contract… made a list of aims for day in Paris journal, dated it. Listening to Sedaris yesterday has me thinking about myself as a writer, my habits.. practices and what I do, if I’m a “real” writer.  Certainly no Sedaris…