1:44 receipts all entered.  Now just have to do that download.

Prospecting, but slow.  This struggle with quota has value, more than value.  I can turn it into something… the #prospectesk project comes to mind of course, but it’s even distant and more compiled and layered than that.

My psychology now, this self, this character, in the office… wine on mind, my little tasting room.  Coffee…. How I start the morning.  The rest of my life and my life’s work… al of it passing my current vision like 101 traffic.

Feeling held but also propelled.  Interesting confluence of contradiction.  Useful, valuable.  Not about value, but being, presence… love and knowledge of the Now.

Should be wearing glasses but don’t want to.  Refusing… not so much stubbornness or pride, just testing self, see how long I can go.  Maybe it is stubbornness.  Good…. I’m not the only one.

That one bottle of wine Kerri gave me, still on the floor.  Wine… in its significance and song, always visible and placing in conversation.  Last night Lexie and I talking on the back patio about this one label in Napa, and her new winery assignment, tasting with these new colleagues of hers.

The singular stroke and suggestion of wine…. From my sister to when we went as a family to Paris and drove to Burgundy to taste in that cellar.   Like the receipts I enter into Quicken or whatever it’s called – memories.  Wine, people tasting, people walking through that door when I was in whatever tasting room, my last day at Caddis this past Sunday and the bottles Chris gave me.  Had the rest of the GSM last night….  Glass of Chardonnay before leaving for dinner in Santa Rosa.

Going to page, actual page where ink’s put. Need it OFFBLOG… brainstorming, planning… the whole story, from where I am now to how I want it to end.